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for iOS:

Trigger 3

Touchable trig
iPhone + iPad + Watch!
$π • App Store


Time & date in pi
for iPhone + iPad
$π • App Store

Eye Hate You

Separate the Hate!
for iPhone + iPad
$1 • App Store

Tri 2

The 3-Spin Zone
for iPad
Coming Soon
I distribute my iOS apps under the tricochet brand. (It's a long story.)
for Mac:


Learning to touch-type has
never been cue-ler! $20 @ Mac App Store •   •
I have retired my Mac games (Solly and Cross Eyes) and my Dashboard widgets. Look for many of them on iOS!
for You:

Do you have an idea for an app?

With iOS experience dating back to the debut of the App Store —I had 4 apps (out of just 500) available on Day One!— I specialize in the invention of engaging, touch-friendly designs. As a once-and-future math teacher, I thrive on finding un-complicated ways to present complicated concepts, and fun ways to present mundane ones. Name a task, and I'll seek a creative and elegant way to perform it; or, show me your existing design, and I'll help you improve it.

—"Blue", Inventor-in-Chief,
Day Late & Dollar Short

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